A study on the pharyngeal size in different skeletal patterns


American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, vol.108, no.1, pp.69-75, 1995 (Scopus) identifier identifier identifier


In the present study, pharyngeal size was investigated on the lateral cephalometric head films of 90 subjects, 45 males and 45 females, having different ANB angles. All of the subjects were aged 13 to 15 years. The films were taken at natural head position, and all were divided into three groups according to the ANB angle: ANB angles smaller than 1°, between 1° and 5°, and larger than 5°. In addition, each group was also divided into two subgroups according to sex. The effects of the ANB angle and sex on the pharyngeal size were investigated by means of variance analysis. It has been observed that two measurements, hy-apw4 and oropharynx area measurements, were affected by the change of ANB angle, and two other measurements, t-ppw and hy-apw2 measurements, by the sex; and that hy-apw4 measurement and oropharynx area became smaller with the increase of ANB angle. (AM J ORTHOD DENTOFAC ORTHOP 1995;108:69-75.). © 1997.