A perspective of solar hydrogen and its utilization in Saudi Arabia

Zahed A., Bashir M., Alp T., Najjar Y.

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, vol.16, no.4, pp.277-281, 1991 (Scopus) identifier identifier


In spite of the present vast reserves of oil and natural gas of the country the proposition of converting the abundant non-depletable solar energy (2500 kWh th m- 2 on a nominal area of 1.3 million km2) into hydrogen via electrolysis of water is considered as necessary, viable and challenging. The current mainly non-energetic consumption of hydrogen (estimated at about 8000 million m3 year- 1 is derived primarily from fossil fuels. A comprehensive perspective of present and future utilization of hydrogen in the country has been discussed in the paper as a result of the research work aimed at harnessing solar energy for large scale production of hydrogen to be used as a main non-fossil fuel to gradually substitute the oil and gas, in all possible areas of utilization. © 1991.