Prevalence and characteristics of foramen huschke: Cone beam computed tomography study


Annals of Medical Research, vol.27, no.11, pp.2990-2993, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


Aim: Aim: Foramen Huschke (FH) is an anatomical variant seen on the anterior aspect of external auditory canal. Aim of this study isto define the prevalence and characteristics of FH in a group of patients using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT).Materials and Methods: Study included 600 temporal bones of randomly selected 300 patients who had undergone CBCT examination.CBCT images were analyzed for the presence of FH. Patient’s age, genderwhen FH was present, laterality, and dimensions of FHwere recorded. Frequency of FH and the relationship between FH and, patient age, gender and FH dimensions were evaluated withstatistical analysis.Results: Of the evaluated 300 patients FH frequency was 18.7%. Thirteen percent of the evaluated 600 temporal bones had FH anda female predominance was observed (p=0.016<0.05). Average age of patients was found to be lower than patients without FH(p<0.01). Mean dimensions of FH was 2.19 ±0.66 mm and 2.37±0.73 mm on sagittal and axial planes, respectively. No statisticallysignificant relationship between FH dimensions and gender and lesion laterality was observed. There was a weak negative correlationbetween patient age and FH dimensions on axial plane (r=-0.253; p=0.025<0.05).Conclusion: FH is a common anatomical variation of the external auditory canal and is more common in females. Patient age is animportant factor in FH presence. Average defect size is around 2mm and dimensions of FH may be related with patient age.