Testicular needle biopsy: Is it a safe and adequate method?

Odabaş Ö., Uǧraş S., Yilmaz Y., Aydın S., Atilla M.

International Urology and Nephrology, vol.29, no.5, pp.591-595, 1997 (Scopus) identifier identifier


We aimed to investigate if testicular needle biopsy is adequate and safe for the examination of testis. Needle biopsies were performed on 21 testes of 5 patients with advanced prostate cancer and 11 patients with cryptorchidism before orchiectomy. Biopsies were done with the prostatic tru-cut needle. After needle biopsy, the tract and puncture sites were explored and an incisional biopsy was performed on each testis. Both needle specimens and open biopsy specimens were fixed in Bouin's solution and sent for histologic examination. There were small haematomas in two testes and moderate heamorrhage between tunica vaginalis layers in another. The tissues obtained by needle biopsy were sufficient except for two specimens and diagnostic accuracy was perfect. Nevertheless, measurement of the seminiferous tubules of the lamina propria could not be achieved in many cases.