Evaluation of the Relationship Between Placental Thickness and Obstetric Doppler Parameters During the Second Trimester

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GORM:Gynecology Obstetrics & Reproductive Medicine, vol.26, no.1, pp.17-20, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


OBJECTIVE: To determine whether there is a relationship between placental thickness and the umbilicalartery and uterine artery Doppler evaluation in the second trimester.STUDY DESIGN: The placental thickness and the umbilical artery and uterine artery Doppler evaluationswere recorded by a single operator for patients who were admitted for an obstetric follow-up or fetalanatomy screening at 18-28 gestational weeks. The relation between these variables was investigatedby evaluating the patients only once.RESULTS: In our study, the mean placental thickness was 31.7 (SD±8.01) mm. The umbilical arteryDoppler parameters did not correlate with the placental thickness. The uterine artery Doppler systolic/diastolic velocity, Pulsatility index and Resistance index values positively correlated with the placentalthickness. However, these correlations were not statistically significant.CONCLUSIONS: Although there was no relationship between the placental thickness and obstetricDoppler parameters in this study, we suggest that they are likely important factors and their significanceshould be evaluated in future studies.