Investigation of Environmental Risk Perception and Environmental Attitudes of University Students


Balıkesir Sağlık Bilimleri Dergisi (BSBD), vol.12, no.3, pp.628-638, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


Aim: This study was carried out to determine the level of knowledge and environmental attitudes of the students at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Medipol University against the risks that cause environmental pollution, and the relationship between them. Materials and Methods: 1586 students participating in the study; “Environmental Attitude Scale”, “Environmental Risk Perception Scale”, "Student Individual Characteristics Information Form" questionnaires were applied. The analyzes of the data obtained from the questionnaires were carried out using SSPS 21.0 statistical informatics programs. Results: It was determined that the mean score of the Environmental Risk Perception Scale was at a good level with 5.45 ±1.05. From the sub-items of the scale; "Radiation" had the highest average score with 5.89. It was determined that the mean score of the Environmental Attitude Scale was moderate with 3.71±0.55. From the sub-items of the scale, "The thinning of the ozone layer threatens all people" got the highest average score of 4.24. These results showed that there is a positive relationship between students' environmental attitude scores and environmental risk perception levels, but there is no strong correlation between them (r=0.316; p