Determination of Professional Image Perceptions of Nursing Students


Journal of education and research in nursing (Online), vol.19, no.3, pp.350-355, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


Background: The image of nursing can determine the limits of the profession and reflect the value of a professional nurse. It is essential to determine the professional image perceptions of nursing students in order to reveal their professional profile. Aim: This study was conducted to determine the professional image perceptions of nursing students. Methods: This research is a descriptive study carried out with 538 students studying at the nursing department of a foundation university and volunteering to participate in the study. The research data were collected using the “Personal Information Form” and “Image Scale for the Nursing Profession.” The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, one-way analysis of variance, t-test, and Scheffe’s test as post hoc analysis. Results: It was determined that the students scored 159.04 ± 17.61 points on the Image Scale for the Nursing Profession, and the subscale of professional qualifications had the highest mean score (48.51 ± 5.39), while the subscale of professional status had the lowest mean score (11.08 ± 2.87). Significant differences were found in the “Professional Qualifications” subscale according to the students’ gender variable, in the “Image Scale for the Nursing Profession and its subscales” according to the grade variable, in the “Education” subscale according to the variable of selecting the department willingly, in the “Professional Status” subscale according to the reason for choosing the department, and the “Education,” “Professional Status,” and “Appearance” subscales according to the status of changing the department (P < .05). Conclusion: The students’ nursing image score averages were at a good level. The image perception of first-year nursing students was low, and role modeling in theoretical and clinical training should be provided by orientation programs, and for new students, adaptation training should be provided.