Factors influencing the preference of regional anaesthesia in the obstetric population: A survey study Obstetrik hastalarda bölgesel anestezi tercihini etkileyen faktörler: Anket çali{dotless}şmasi{dotless}

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KARAASLAN P., Aydin C., Aksu T.

Turk Anesteziyoloji ve Reanimasyon Dernegi Dergisi, vol.42, no.4, pp.176-181, 2014 (Scopus) identifier identifier identifier


Objective: Most patients in Turkey still prefer general anaesthesia (GA) and are somehow afraid of regional blocks. Receiving adequate information is likely to increase patients' awareness about regional anaesthesia (RA). We aimed to determine the current preferences of parturients, the reasons for refusal of RA techniques, and how detailed information about the type of anaesthesia affect a patient's preference for anaesthesia among obstetric cases. Methods: One hundred fifty patients, scheduled for elective caesarean section (C/S), were surveyed before and after the C/S. The survey included three parts: the first part involved demographic features, anaesthesia preferences, prior opinions and experiences related to RA, and assessment of preoperative fears and reasons, and the second part involved persuasion of patients after reading the information sheet about RA. The final part was composed of postoperative satisfaction and complications related to the RA or GA depending on the patients' preferences. Complications were recorded on the anaesthesia chart. Results: Of all patients, 42.7% (n=64) approved and 48% (n=72) refused RA at the first preoperative anaesthesia visit. The remaining patients (n=14) had no idea of which anaesthesia type to choose. After being informed about RA in detail, 48 (66.6%) of the patients who previously refused RA and all patients who had no idea approved the procedure, and all of them were satisfied with the anaesthesia following the procedure. Conclusion: Our study revealed exactly that particularly obstetric anaesthetists should inform their patients about the advantages and disadvantages of all alternative types of anaesthesia. Effective and correct information is the major point. © 2014 by Turkish Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Society.