Simple Fundamentals of Logic

Şen Z.

İstanbul üniversitesi kadın araştırmaları dergisi (Online), no.51, pp.331-334, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


For the most part, contemporary logicians discuss previous logicians’ ideas from different civilizations and make comments thereon, thus addressing specialists in logic studies. In many education systems, the science philosophy and logic principles do not play a preliminary role. Today, in many education systems the science of philosophical thinking and logic principles should play a preliminary role for rational inferences. Unfortunately, in education systems there is little formal training about the principles of logic and their extraordinary capacity to sharpen the mind with brain experiments, which leads to the attaining of innovative ideas. This is the case especially in engineering institutions, where the students are fed with various mathematical principles, equations and numerical solution methodologies. Although classically almost everybody states that mathematics is based on logic, logical principles are not thought through systematically in education systems. . In this short paper the main purpose is to mention t the logical principles that should be beneficial to the young generation, regardless of whether the interest is in logical sciences or in basic works to arrive at limitless logical conclusions.