Understanding Ephemeral Social Media Through Instagram Stories: A Marketing Perspective

Kırçova İ., Pınarbaşı F., Köse Ş. G.

Business and Management Studies: An International Journal, vol.8, no.2, pp.2173-2192, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


 Choosing media channels and consuming in digital channels have become crucial subjects  in marketing and communication in the last century. Ephemeral social media, which can be defined as sharing and consuming media content in a short period, has recently become a widespread habit in social media tools. Ephemeral timelines that are a product of this concept has recently increased its importance in digital communication channels. In line with this trend, this study explores consumers’ intention to continue using Instagram Stories, which is a service provided by Instagram and makes it possible to share content that is available for 24 hours only. Regression analyses are conducted to analyze the relationships between model variables, and Chi-square tests are employed to evaluate relationships between intention and personal attributes. As a result, it is found that perceived ephemerality, reliance on graphics and social presence have a positive relationship with the intention to continue using Instagram Stories. The study also assesses related personal attributes for the intention which can be used for academic and managerial implications.