Is there any possibility of uterine sarcoma, STUMP and benign myoma variants in the patients operated for myoma uteri

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Topçu E. G., ÜLKER V., Gündüz N., Çelik H. G.

Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine (Turkey), vol.38, no.4, pp.538-544, 2021 (Scopus) identifier


Malignant pathologies may be observed in the histopathological examination of the patients who were operated with the diagnosis of myoma uteri. We aimed to investigate the rates of detection of uterine sarcoma, smooth muscle tumor of uncertain malignant potential and benign myoma variants who were operated due to myoma uteri. Patients who were operated with the diagnosis of myoma uteri between 2012-2018 were included. Patients with and without malignant pathology were compared in terms of their characteristics. The malignancy was encountered in 39 patients (1.5%) among 2583 patients. A significant difference was found between the patients with and without malignancy in terms of age, admission complaints, and cervical smear results. Patients in the malignant group were found to be older (52.5±11.0 vs 48.1±6.1, p=0.016). Postmenopausal bleeding was significantly a more common complaint in the malignant group (p=0.028). The rate of abnormal cytology in the cervical smear results in the malignant group was 5.1% (p=0.004). Pathology reports of the patients who were operated for myoma uteri may result with malignancy. In the preoperative evaluation, it is necessary to pay attention to the patients' characteristics, to evaluate the risk factors for the possibility of a malignancy.